The Nicholtown Early Learning Task Force, Greenville SC

TSO guided a blue-ribbon task force in researching and developing strategies to dramatically improve learning for young children in a large community facing long-term economic and education challenges.Through a customized approach to community engagement, national research and leadership dialogue TSO helped the task force grapple with the reality that high-quality early childhood education, while critical, is not a magic bullet for children’s success in school and life. Family support services, economic and educational opportunities, and parent education are vital to creating a cycle of success.

TSO facilitated the NELC Task Force development of recommendations about the most effective and sustainable strategies leading to this cycle of success in Nicholtown.  Through research, resident outreach and engagement and detailed discussions, all structured and guided by TSO, the Task Force created recommendations that place a high degree of value on 1) proven practices that result in school readiness and 2) are most likely to be successful in Nicholtown’s unique environment.  The report of recommendations provides a set of inter-related, actionable strategies grounded in research and deep understandings of both exemplary early childhood practices and the real-time assets and barriers present in Nicholtown.