Virginia Military Employment Transition Support Initiative - Army OneSource

Virginia’s Governor and Cabinet Secretary desired to improve the efforts in the Commonwealth to assure talented members of the military who are leaving military service become successfully employed in Virginia. Through our work with Army OneSource, TSO was selected to design and facilitate a state-wide process for bringing about measureable gains.  TSO designed an integrated state and local improvement process that secured cross-sector, senior leadership in the military, the public sector, employers and non-profits.

Over an initial six-month timeline, TSO team members facilitated a data-driven improvement process that brought a discipline of understanding local employment demand and connecting it with clarity about the supply of labor exiting the military.  The comprehensive support for local and state improvement has included an assessment of state capacity, an outcomes framework for measuring success, facilitated local planning in four regions, a shared accountability system and ideas for short-term wins.

A statewide summit will highlight early successes and challenges of the effort. The summit will also engage local and state leaders in crafting recommendations for sustainability and scaling up.