United Way Forsyth County

New executive leadership at the United Way of Forsyth County (UWFC) asked TSO to assist in the development of a strategic planning process that increased the capacity of the United Way and partner agencies to achieve important community outcomes. TSO worked with the leadership team and key stakeholders to design and facilitate a process that included:

Over an eight-month period TSO guided a disciplined process of data collection and analysis, the creation of a specific United Way “point of view”, as well as a deep and robust stakeholder dialogue that included a capacity assessment of both the United Way and partners. TSO helped the team shape findings and recommendations into a concrete plan with connected to accountability, budget and future planning cycles.

Early implementation of the plan included technical assistance from TSO for partner agency leaders on key capacity issues they identified in the planning process.

With TSO’s help the United Way of Forsyth County enhanced its capacity to achieve better outcomes through more significant, focused work with stakeholders. We brought alignment to the planning conducted by UWFC staff and other contractors. UWFC added power to its focus on listening, learning and relationship building.